vector arm thingThe Vector Vortex Extra-Oral vacuum machine is a suction technology that aims to contain and sterilize aerosols. At Rancho Vistoso Dental, we use this during our dental treatments to help ensure the safety and protection of our patients and office.

How It Works

The Vector Vortex vacuum machine uses suction to pump air away from the targeted area, which removes airborne pathogens that may be present in the water vapor and saliva mixture created during dental treatments. This helps prevent the spread of airborne bacteria or viruses and is a preventive measure at our office.


  • Noise Level: The Vector Vortex is a quiet machine that does not detract from the comfort of our patients.
  • Flexibility: As a movable device, this machine can be adjusted anywhere within the operatory, allowing for ease of use.
  • Pressure Regulation: The air suction pressure can be regulated by simple and easy knobs.
  • Efficiency: This technology is designed to be long-lasting, with a powerful pump for high suction.

Why Use It?

At our dental office, we are conscientious about our patients’ health. To prevent the spread of illness, such as the recent COVID-19 pandemic, we use this equipment to help our at-risk patients feel more secure during their visits with us.

To learn more about the Vector Vortex Extra-Oral vacuum machine in Oro Valley, Arizona, contact our dental office at 520-825-1200 and schedule an appointment with our dentist, Dr. Michael W. Lang .